as a teacher, I'll never be bored again

It’s The Final Countdown

Today was the day. We finally presented the masterpiece we worked so hard on! and I have one thing to say about that, my classmates do not know how to be silent. I think they might be just as bad... Continue Reading →


Show and Tell Me Whats Wrong With Our Lesson

Show and Tell to the extreme Today's class consisted of putting our lesson to the test. To tell you the truth, I was pretty nervous before this class went down. I didn't want to hear the comments my classmates were... Continue Reading →

Mandala?…. Oh ya the circle thing

Week 8- Art Project Plan Hello again! Week 8, what a time to be alive. Today was spent looking back on the past week and our lesson plan we started to create. We went full force into Ideate¬†with mandalas. It... Continue Reading →

It’s The Start of Something New

So here I am, going into week 7 of my Art Curriculum class and I am changing my semester long documentation object for the third time... How do I feel about this? Let's just say the struggle is real. After... Continue Reading →

Once Upon a Time in Ed Tech…..

The semester is close to being done, which also means that my time spent learning in Ed Tech is also coming to an end **sad face**. This class has blown my mind more than knowing you can buy extra mac... Continue Reading →

The Great Debate

Debating never really gets anywhere, especially when it's about personal views on technology with a bunch of future educators.... This being said, the debate might not have ended in a single answer, but that's what I enjoyed it. Debating always... Continue Reading →

How Big is Your Digital Footprint?

After scrolling through three of four Google search pages of my name, all I was really able to find about my digital footprint was soccer articles or coaching articles. PHEW. Wait... why am I relieved? The google search may not... Continue Reading →

Stop Motion- Enjoyable As A Bubble Bath

Would you believe me that I was able to use an app to create a stop-motion picture WHILE having a bubble bath? If you don't, you probably just don't know me well enough to know how much I love doing... Continue Reading →

Chasing the Goose

As soon as I heard that a scavenger hunt was happening in class, I was instantly excited and ready to beat the rest of my classmates. This excitement is exactly what I want to be able to re create in... Continue Reading →

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