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Technology in the classroom is a debate that I have had with myself ever since I was introduced to it.

Is it useful or does it take away from learning? Will I be able to use it the right way? Are other teachers doing the exact same thing?

When I think of technology, two feelings arise. Fear and excitement.  I am always willing to take on new challenges and I see SMART boards as just that. The first time I saw a SMART board I had absolutely no idea how a teacher could use this for a kids interest. Then I saw students dragging their “leaf-names” to a tree to show that they were in class that day with more enthusiasm that I’ve ever seen a grade 1 have at 9AM. I was absolutely mind blown. Remembering all of the times where I was not paying attention during attendance completely disappeared and the idea that technology makes anything exciting grew.

This excitement quickly turned into fear. For any project where we get to use creativity and the sky is the limit, I have the hardest time picking only one of my brilliant ideas. Technology has endless possibilities and so does my creativity. If I have all of these resources to use, how in the world am I expected to pick just one! This scares me as I am on the journey of becoming a teacher. If I spent countless hours making a interactive, unique, fun lesson for just my own assignment, how am I going to be able to make a lesson plan after a full day at the school? They say to let your imagination fly, but they never said how hard it was going to be.

Reviewing Technology & Education Articles

Reading what other people have to say about stuff is one of my favourite ways to pass time. Reading through the 4 documents we were given brought me to a higher realization of technology and education.

It was the first document I read, but it stood out the most to me because of how easily relate-able it was. It was called, “4 Reasons People People Don’t Blog and Idea’s to Change Their Mind” from The Innovators Mindset  blog. He practically read my mind with these 4 reasons and I could go on a long explanation of how I relate to each, but the blogs called AnythingButBoring so I need to live up to the name. The excuse of having no time was one of the 4 reasons and it is one I use time and time again. I will say I have no time, then take an hour long nap because I have to be productive that night and the only way that will happen is if I have this nap. What if instead of shutting my brain off for that hour, I bring it to life and reflect within a post? Sure, it is definitely more productive than napping, but in more than just getting something done. I will probably save time that I spend overthinking something that I didn’t understand that day in class or forget the great idea that I had while laying in bed before my nap. I can use the excuse that I have no time, but what is 5 minutes spent writing compared to an extra 5 minutes on my nap time?

The Innovators Mindset blog– http://georgecouros.ca/blog/archives/4793

BYOD- Bring Your Own Device. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Alberta Education gives a very brief description and pro’s and con’s of having students and teachers bring their own devices into the classroom for learning. My first thought was that students use their phones anyways, may as well integrate it into the classroom. It quickly shifted when the con of digital equity was brought up. Even though I have an iPhone 5, I know some people ask me why I haven’t upgraded yet. If I’m feeling picked on when I have one of the latest models, I can’t imagine how a teenager with no phone at all would feel. The topic of bullying has always hit home for me, but without reading this article, I probably wouldn’t have thought of this dilemma until it was right in my face. There are so many more things that come with technology in the classroom than just what we can see on the surface. Before implementing some of the super awesome things that technology can do, as a teacher, I need to think through all of the benefits and repercussions that could come with it. Articles such as this one do a great job of explaining these and also posing questions that you should ask yourself before you take the plunge into BYOD.

source– https://education.alberta.ca/media/3115434/byod-tech-briefing.pdf

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