Reading many, many, educational blogs has led me to a few amazing ones that I will be sure to follow and use as resources down the road. All of the blogs that I read through were picked as tops blogs and I can see why. The people that were writing them were just like anyone else, the difference was that they were blogging about it. Education blogs were really interesting because it was like Pinterest for teachers. If the sites were specific to a classroom, the bloggers were able to show off what they are doing with their students in a way that anyone could take the ideas and use themselves. It was really awesome to be able to see pictures along with the description of an activity or an idea to be able to give me a visual. You could tell that these blogs were done by teachers because of all the pictures that went along with their posts. As I said earlier in this post, you were able to tell that the people that write these blogs were just like anyone else. That was what kept me reading through all of these blogs. They were so relate-able, whether they were talking about classroom activities, a journal blog, or anything else I was able to put myself in their shoes and live through them.

My Top 3 Education Blogs

1. Teen College Education

Something that always comes up when my friends and I talk about high school is how not prepared we were for college. We could rant on and on about how there should have been a class that we could have taken in high school that would have prepared us for all the lectures, Netflix binging and living away from home. Its funny how that conversation has slowly morphed into how we wish there was something to help us after college and to live in the real world. The Teen College Education blog would have been the holy grail to me when I was in high school because of all the resources it holds. This site covers so many of the questions that I had in high school and much, much more. The best thing about this site though.. it doesn’t stop at high school. As you navigate your way through the site, it covers how to pay for college to how to survive college relationships. This site is a go-to for advice and will be able to help anyone through all of lives steps!

2. Just Let Me Play

This blog covers the life in a Kindergarten teachers shoes. It focuses on environment and how it affects the students in many different ways. Through her blog, she is able to bring forth her ideas of how letting kids play builds their learning. Her idea is that even if kids might not have anything to bring home to their parents at the end of the day, there was learning going on that day. Her use of environment to teach her students was something that I have in my teaching philosophy and that is the number one reason why I will continue to follow her blog. One thing that I enjoyed about the site was how high the quality of the pictures were. Looking through blogs, sometimes there would be pictures posted, but they were of very low-quality. These pictures were so vivid and high-quality that they drew my attention in more and really sold me to the site.

3. The Rookie Teacher

Collaboration, hooray! This blog was not only great with tips for new teachers, but it is written by not one, but three teachers! This was the first blog that I came across that had collaboration throughout it and it showed me how awesome it can be. The use of having more than one person’s opinion on how to get through the life of being a new teacher is great. There are a thousand classrooms out there and everyone tackles them a different angle. These three teacher’s were able to combine their ideas into one blog and give advice to new teachers everywhere! I want to continue following this blog because I’m curious as to see if they will turn this blog over to three new teachers or turn it into The Experience Teacher. I’ll have to wait and find out!