The Struggle

If you haven’t noticed, my blog received a make-over! Over the past two weeks that I have had the joy of blogging, I was spending hours on end trying to customize my blog to my liking. I was using edu blogs to create my blogs and I was NOT loving it at all. Every theme I chose had just one thing wrong with it and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to customize the themes. Being frustrated with something for two weeks was too long for me, so I decided to switch it up. The dilemma — I had done two posts on my other blog and I didn’t want to lose them or the comments from fellow peers. My teacher, Cammie, told me I can export my old site and import it into a new site!

BEFORE      beofre.JPG

The Transition

Figuring out how to export and import my blog was one of the easiest things I have done while my life as a blogger! Edu blogs was finally cooperating with me, thank goodness. All I had to do was choose what I wanted to import and then it downloaded into a file on my computer. The next step was choosing what site I wanted to use to bring my blog back to life. I chose wordpress because I had seen other students blogging with the same one and I just said heck why not! Figuring out how to import my site was a little difficult, but by the click of a help button (those things we always think we’re too smart for) I was on my way to the new world. After figuring out how to import, it took around 45 minutes (the time it takes to finish an episode of Gossip Girl)  for the site to bring my content from edu blogs into wordpress. Impressed? I think so.

The New World


& here we are! I’m already loving playing around with wordpress. I cannot even start to explain how much easier it is to customize. If anyone on edublogs is reading this and is going through the struggle that I was having, I insist you take this advice:
I usually never have a problem figuring out technology after playing around with it for a couple hours, but with edublogs those hours turned into days.. days I could have spent napping or watching Netflix. (not cool). I can’t wait to see what I can do with my blog now that I can actually make it my own!

I’ll be adding in after pictures soon. If you need help switching sites, shoot me an email or comment below and I’ll help you out the best I can!