As soon as I heard that a scavenger hunt was happening in class, I was instantly excited and ready to beat the rest of my classmates. This excitement is exactly what I want to be able to re create in my future classroom. Goosechase makes this possible.

My Goosechase Experience

We were sent on a scavenger hunt around the college in teams to take pictures and videos of eachother using QR codes. We were instantly ready to go and get out of our seats to see how it worked! The idea of Goosechase was a scavenger hunt that awarded points for certain tasks that the teacher previously uploaded. An example was taking a group picture in front of a QR code and to take a picture of where a QR code should be used. One of my favourite things about Goosechase was how well it was set-up. Once you took a picture and submitted it, the task would move to completed. This would happen on all group member’s phones — if I submitted a task, it would move to completed on the rest of my group member’s phones. It was a lot of fun and not many downfalls with Goosechase itself. Since it was a race, I was determined to win so not having to check what tasks we have finished really helped!

One change I would have made is to only have one phone being used per group. Having multiple phones in a group of 5 people made for more confusion over what task we were doing or where we were going in the school. If it was an individual scavenger hunt then this would be totally fine, but to ensure that the groups stick together and work collaboratively I would only use one device per group.

My Future Goosechase Ideas 

One activity that I think would work well while studying animals would have the students go throughout the school and find pictures of different animals that we are learning about. If it was nice out, there could be a task asking to take a picture of where a certain animal would be found in the school yard. Ex) take a picture of where a frog could be found (water). Depending on what is available at the school, this could be expanded on even more.

Another idea that could be used at the beginning of the year would be to take pictures of different places around the school. This could be used for staff or students. Ex) take a picture of the library. The option of taking a video could be used to show students introducing themselves to other teachers around the school to help them be more comfortable. It could be used in a smaller context where instead of taking pictures around the school it would be around the classroom. Ex) where do the pencil crayons go? Take a picture of your group sitting criss-cross apple sauce. This could help make sure all students know the classroom rules and how the classroom is set up.


If you haven’t heard of Goosechase yet, I highly recommend downloading the app and trying it out! I have yet to try and make my own, but keep checking back because when I do I’ll let you all know the in’s and out’s!

Goose Chase