Would you believe me that I was able to use an app to create a stop-motion picture WHILE having a bubble bath?

If you don’t, you probably just don’t know me well enough to know how much I love doing homework while enjoying a bubble bath….
But if you do believe me, then you’ve also probably heard of the Stop Motion App!!

This week in class we were given the task to play around with different creation apps. Creation apps are types of apps that one uses to create something. Ok I know that sounds pretty self explanatory, but I just needed to make sure we’re all on the same page with this tech lingo. There were a few different apps given to us and the one that sounded the most fun was Stop Motion. It seemed that a lot of my classmates felt the same way so off we went to create some videos!

My first experience with Stop Motion happened to be helping out a fellow classmate make her video (here’s the masterpiece — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwLVRn3zjso if you turn the volume up you’ll hear my b-e-a-utiful voice over ). It was one of the easiest tasks we have had in this class. Once you downloaded the app, there was no sign in or anything like that which was clutch cause I’m kind of over making accounts and getting emails…. ANYWAYS.

Making this video was so hecken easy and fun!! You take the pictures right in the app and the best part is that they don’t save to your camera roll so you don’t have to see that stupid “storage full” alert more than you already do. You take the pictures as you go and can easily delete or copy a picture. One part of taking the pictures that I didn’t find out till after making my video was the timer on the camera. BRILLIANT. The whole time I was making my video I was wishing I could have had someone else to take the pictures because I wanted to use both of my hands. If I use it again in the future, this will be super helpful as I can just set it up and then take the pictures!

One part of Stop Motion that was a small small downfall for me was that I couldn’t add music unless I upgraded. It’s not too bad of a con because the upgrade was only $1.39. For a teacher that is a great deal to be able to use more of the features within the app. I was able to add music to mine once I uploaded it to YouTube, but it would have been easier to do it right in the app.

I can’t wait to be able to use this in my future classroom for so many reasons. I love that Stop Motion videos doesn’t need to have audio in it. I think this would challenge the students to take pictures with more description because they can’t use audio to explain it all. (I kind of hate my voice on tape as well so not being recorded was a solid plus). In my classroom I would use this app to give the students opportunity to show what they did on the weekend or to review something we have been doing in class.

all in all, Stop Motion was a blast and I can’t wait to show off my video! Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xv6PwWBSHKA