After scrolling through three of four Google search pages of my name, all I was really able to find about my digital footprint was soccer articles or coaching articles. PHEW.
Wait… why am I relieved?

The google search may not have shown anything negative about me, but I know that if my Facebook or Instagram (the only other two social media platforms I use) were to be found, I would be in trouble. Now my Instagram is set to private, which means that only I get to choose who sees my profile. Problem solved? Nope. Even if my profile is private, who’s to say that a parent from my classroom is friends with someone that follows me and can see everything I post? To ensure that this part of my digital footprint isn’t questionable anymore, I could easily go through and delete posts that I have made that I find inappropriate for parents or students. This won’t erase this part of my footprint completely, but if I make more posts that show my professional side more than my “college” side then those that are looking at it might not keep searching.
For Facebook on the other hand–  Since being apart of the education program, I have been much more careful of what I post. CRINGE. Why should I have to be careful? I don’t want to be careful! If someone finds me on social media, I want them to be able to see who I am, not someone I am pretending to be (haha, ironic eh). It’s true though. My Facebook is not professional and I want it to stay that way. When I say “not professional” I am NOT saying that I would post swears and drunk pictures all over it. I just want to be able to have a life outside of teaching and my Facebook, with all my friends, is where I will do that. I think that to some extent teachers should be very very careful of what appears on their social media and should be punished if they cross a certain line. BUT I do believe that everyone needs to realize that teachers are people too. We should be aloud to live our lives just as much as the next person.

I could go on and on and on about this debate, so I will stop there and get back to the real reason we’re here.

As much as I loved googling myself and seeing everything soccer, it made me realize how I need to expand myself. If someone were to look at my footprint, they would see that I excelled at soccer and that’s all handy dandy, but will that help me get a job teaching? Maybe not too much. Yes, I am very involved in the coaching community which has a high connection to teaching,  but I still want to be more. It’s pretty cool that just googling myself made me realize something like this. Who woulda thunk it.

ALSO: To answer the question about what my social media says about me I would have to say that it shows I’m absolutely hilarious and pretty and popular.