The semester is close to being done, which also means that my time spent learning in Ed Tech is also coming to an end **sad face**. This class has blown my mind more than knowing you can buy extra mac & cheese sauce at bulk barn (ya that’s a thing). Taking a look back on the semester, there was definitely a love-hate relationship between technology and I, but we wound up with the fairy tale ending riding off into the sunset. Let me paint you a picture of our time together

The Blind Date

When I first met this class, I didn’t really know what to expect. I felt as though I knew most technology and could breeze through. Boy, was I wrong.
It was a rough introduction let me tell you. But looking back, it didn’t go well because I struggled to find my confidence. All of this new information being thrown at me swept me off my feet and didn’t let me come back down.

Once I regained my ground and saw the million uses of technology in education…

I was hooked

Love at Second Sight

My favorite moment with Ed Tech was every time we would put on our Student Hats and go out on a hot date filled with adventure and competition. There was never a dull moment when I was able to actually see what we learned put into action. The learning that can be done using technology is beyond what I ever could have imagined, I only learned the basics.

The best date that Ed Tech took me on, was using QR coding to send me on an adventure. I was active not only physically, but mentally as well. I had been searching for this type of characteristic in every other class I’ve had a relationship with, but have never found it… Until now.

Looking into my future, I want to use activities that engage students to learn without having to sit in their desks looking at a board for hours on end. QR coding can get students up and out of their seats in so many different ways. My favourite was having the students be sent on a Goose Chase (read my past blog post for more deets on this amazing app). A worry of mine with wanting to get students moving was not being able to control them if they went out and about the school. I believe that with this app, they will be too into the assignment to think about causing trouble.
This was a really cool moment for me knowing that technology can calm some of my nerves going into the real teaching world.

The First Fight

Our love came to a halt when I realized that technology has a tough time saving the memories we have together and recovering them can be harder than deciding between eating McDonalds or going to the gym.
There were many times that I had put in hours of hard work trying to make technology happy, but it just wasn’t enough. This resulted in me being very unhappy, saying hateful words, and close to giving up altogether. But then I remembered that in every relationship, there will be ups and downs, but if you truly love someone, you will work through the tough times.

This is one thing that scares me with technology is the frustration that comes along with it. I am someone that doesn’t deal well with stress and I can’t imagine how I would react if my SMART Notebook lesson stopped working the night before class after spending 5 hours creating it. The drawback of not always being reliable can be counteracted with having back-up plans and all that jazz, but I shouldn’t have to be worried about a back-up with EVERYTHING I create. I understand that something might not work here and there, but with technology it let me down multiple times.
This was definitely one of the bigger negatives I took away with Ed Tech and I hope that furthuring my education in the subject with shake this fear.

Fairy Tale Ending

After the rough patches and the honeymoon moments, we were able to end up happy together with a sappy pop song playing in the background. I have seen technology in a whole other light and will never go back to the dark ages. Since the relationship I now have with technology is so amazing, I cannot keep it all to myself. I must share my knowledge of its wonder with the rest of the world.

This class has taught me that there is more to technology than just using it’s different tools, but also the million ways it can connect people in the classroom and around the world. I’ve always known that I can reach someone through Facebook across the world, but never would I have imaginged that I could take my class on a virtual field trip to Thailand or use Google Forms to grade my tests for me.

I can’t explain the feeling of having all these extra tools in my fanny pack to use with my future students, its pretty hecken incredible. A part of my teaching philosophy includes getting students engaged and active within their learning and these tools will help me implen this in my future classroom and I couldn’t be more excited.

Guys, technology is cool. You heard it here first.

Shout out to my instructors Cammie and Paul for putting up with me 🙂